What We Believe

1. That the scriptures of the Old & New Testament are verbally inspired by God, and that they are inerrant and infallible in the original writings. Thus, the Bible is the final authority. While we recognize our deep appreciation for the KJV, as God has used it mightily over several centuries and also today, we also appreciate the newest, careful scholarship that is represented in the NKJV, NIV, NASB, ESV, and the NLT.

2. In one living and true God eternally existing in one divine essence, yet three co-equal personal distinctions, the Tri-unity of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.  

3. That Jesus Christ is the eternal, co-equal son of God, and that he was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born to the virgin Mary. Thus, he took human nature upon his divine self without adding sin. 

4. That the Holy Spirit is a co-equal divine person who convicts the world of sin, righteousness,  judgment, and testifies to the truth of the Gospel. He aids the continuing life of the believer, as he seals, gifts, guides, empowers teaching, and sanctifies the believer. While we do recognize the importance of the sign gifts in the past, we believe that their purpose has been fulfilled and are no longer a part of the Spirit’s ministry. 

5. That man was created as God’s special creation,  in His own image, and that though man was created sinless and innocent, he sinned, resulting in both physical and spiritual death, and that all human beings thus inherit a sinful nature and are under divine judgment. 

6. That the Lord Jesus Christ died for the sins of all who believe, in complete obedience to the Father, and that all who believe in Him are justified on the basis of His shed blood and his physical resurrection on the third day. We further believe that God keeps those who believe in Him eternally, and thus no one may “lose” their salvation.

7. That God has a plan for the future, which includes the pretribulational return of Christ for believers (the rapture), the giving of new, glorified bodies to all believers, an intense, premillennial, 7 year time of tribulation on earth, the second coming of Christ, the millennial reign of Christ on earth, and the creation of a new earth and new heaven, respectively.

8. That the church is composed of immersed believers, where they are to practice their spiritual gifts. This body is autonomous, and thus it has the right to self-government, though it can cooperate and help other churches of similar belief. That the ordinances of the Church are Baptism by immersion and the Lord's Table (Communion).

9. That there are two biblical offices for the church: pastor (shepherd) and deacon (servant).

10. That civil governments and their leaders are divinely appointed by God to serve the interests of mankind. We should pray for all leaders and obey all civil duties, except when they oppose the will of God as found in the Bible.   

11. That it is the duty of each Christian to strive to make new converts. Thus, all believers are to personally endeavor to win the lost through verbal witness, which is under girded by a proper Christian lifestyle. The church is also to actively support, by prayer and monetary means, missions throughout the world.   

12. That God has ordained the family to be the fundamental institution of society. Further, marriage is the uniting of two people, one man and one woman, for a lifetime. This relationship alone provides the proper framework for the deepest level of human intimacy: sexual love. God has ordained the roles of the husband and wife, and that, while both are equal, a man is to deeply and sacrificially love his wife and the wife to be a helper to her husband.